KANPAi! is a quarterly magazine, made by Merchant’s Heart for drink-makers and enthusiasts.   
KANPAi! is filled with, and designed for, the industry’s very best talent – and celebrates their passion and work. Beautifully designed, playful in tone and knowledgeable without being drier than a London gin.


The International Issue

In the international issue we sought out some of the weirder tipples the world has to offer in our glorious photoshoot with Lydia Whitmore and, with the help of Tales Attaché, Chris Beaney, turned our sights to Accra, the capital of Ghana. New flavours, bartenders, ingredients and ideas are flooding out of the city as a truly refreshing scene starts to flourish. We were never going to rehash the tired NY against LDN trope; instead we met with Belfast’s Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon, to hear the story of Dead Rabbit, and their move from Northern Ireland to New York. 

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