Our Story

We must never forget our merchant's heart. Shinjiro Torii

The Founder

In 1899, Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii had a vision: he wanted to bring western drinking experiences to his native Japan. He made it his life’s work to make and sell outstanding drinks, and deliver exceptional drinking experiences – from his early products’ exquisite packaging to setting up a touring opera company to dispatch his port wine.

Shinjiro’s passion for his product saw him graduate from modest beginners as a small wine-maker to becoming the Taisho – or chief – of a luxury drinks brand with world renown. But his mantra remained characteristically humble:

We may have grown from shop to company, but we must always be a tradesman; we must never forget our merchant’s heart

More than a century later, this spirit lives on, and is at the very root of Merchant’s Heart – a brand founded in 2015 and named for Shinjiro’s own ethos. But 19th century humility and values are enhanced by the very best that modern research and experience have taught us about the making of the perfect drink.