Product FAQ's


What is Merchant’s Heart?

Merchant's Heart is a range of Spirit Enhancers created to compliment the characteristics of different spirits, elevating the drinking experience. 


What flavours are there in the Merchant’s Heart range? 

We currently have seven flavours in the Merchant’s Heart Range; Classic Tonic, Light Classic Tonic, Floral Aromatics, Lemon, Pink Peppercorn, Ginger Ale, Hibiscus, Classic Tonic. 

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Are you planning on introducing new flavours in the future?

We have seven flavours in the range and have no plans to introduce any new flavours at this stage.  


Does Merchant’s Heart contain any alcohol?

Our products are alcohol-free.


What do you recommend I drink Merchant’s Heart products with?

Merchant’s Heart has a number of suggested serves which we have presented in Our Collection section.


Where is Merchant’s Heart being sold? 

Merchant’s Heart is available at a select group of London venues and some retailers shops as well. For more details please see our Stockists section on our website.


Why is there minimal nutrition labelling? 

The packaging contains all of the nutritional information required by the labelling regulations.  


Where is Merchant’s Heart made?

Merchant’s Heart is made Spain.